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Supermarket Slip and Falls

Supermarket Slip and Falls

An owner of a supermarket or any type of business is responsible to ensure the highest standards of safety for their customers. Ignoring hazards or other dangerous conditions can have catastrophic consequences. Falling short of their obligation, store proprietors can be held responsible in an injury claim for medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost income.

The personal injury lawyers at the Forman & Cardonsky bring extensive experience to their handling of cases involving premises liability claims involving supermarkets. While clients recover, we attend to every detail of their claim and seek to maximize compensation for their medical care and other damages.

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  • Time Is of the Essence to Protect Your Rights to Compensation

    If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a supermarket due to a spill that made a surface slippery or product that fell off the shelves, time is of the essence. You need to preserve your ability to secure compensation. Medical care is paramount. The accident must be reported to the grocery store owner or manager or the property’s landlord. Securing the names and numbers of witnesses is vital, as is documenting your recollection of the accident.

  • Holding Negligent Supermarket Owners Accountable for Your Injuries

    Do not downplay the significance of the accident and the injuries you suffered. What seems like minor pain can become serious over time. At the Forman & Cardonsky, we partner with your physician to determine not only the extent of your injury, but also the care necessary to recover to the fullest extent possible. From there, ourattorneys will investigate the grocery store accident to determine the owner’s negligence.

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