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Negligent Snow,
Ice or Water Removal

Negligent Snow,
Ice or Water Removal

Visiting a store, office building or a neighbor’s home should not lead to life-changing, possibly career-ending injuries. Residential and commercial property owners — particularly those in climates where snow and ice can accumulate — must be proactive in attending to those potential hazards. Even if they contract out those services, they are accountable for communal areas for serious slip-and-fall accidents.

The personal injury lawyers at the Forman & Cardonsky hold negligent property owners accountable when they fall short of their legal responsibilities. We provide aggressive representation for our clients injured on commercial property. Our job is to help secure the medical care you need while pursuing a claim to maximize your compensation or pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

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  • A So-Called Minor Slip-and-Fall on Snow and Ice Can Have Major Consequences

    Slipping and falling on unattended snow, ice or water may seem funny to others and embarrassing for you, but injuries can be severe, resulting in paralysis and sometimes fatalities. Serious damage to the back, neck or spinal cord can prevent you from working or enjoying an active personal life. Your top priority is to get medical care. Upon retaining an attorney at our firm, we dedicate ourselves on building a strong, fact-based case.

  • Teaming With Industry Experts and Medical Professionals

    While the property owner may blame the contractor for an accident, we still fight to hold them accountable. Many snow and ice contractors simply do not have the type of insurance coverage that will provide compensation our clients need and deserve. In those cases, both parties are named in lawsuit to help secure maximum recovery.

    Investigating your slip-and-fall will involve working with your doctors to determine the extent of your injuries and their lasting, possibly permanent effects. We also take a fact-based approach in showing negligence with the help of industry experts and witnesses to the accident.

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