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Improper or
Negligent Maintenance

Improper or
Negligent Maintenance

If you have suffered serious injuries in an accident on commercial property, your first priority is medical care. If the slip or trip-and-fall was caused by improper or negligent maintenance, you need legal advocacy to protect your rights to compensation.

For over 70 years, the New Jersey-based attorneys at the Forman & Cardonsky have dedicated themselves to representing clients victimized by negligence. Property owners are responsible for not only maintenance of a store or parking lot, but also attending to hazardous and dangerous conditions as they arise.

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  • Take the Steps Necessary to Protect Your Legal Rights Following an Accident

    Slipping and falling is not a minor accident. While you may feel embarrassment over supposed “clumsiness,” serious back, neck and spinal cord injuries could be the result of hidden hazards that include:

    While you seek medical care, we get to work on building a strong claim against the property owner. We interview witnesses that include both staff and fellow patrons. We team with experts to determine what caused the accident and medical professionals to identify the extent of your injuries.

  • Obtaining the Medical Care and Compensation You Need

    While you may want to walk away from the accident, assuming that your injuries are minor. However, more significant pain and suffering can occur over time. So-called minor injuries become major problems that prevent you from working or enjoying an active personal life. Take immediate action to protect your rights to damages caused by negligent property owners.

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