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Guardianships &

Guardianships &

Forman & Cardonsky handles many matters relating to aging persons and those who love them. If you have an elderly parent or other relative, you may be inquiring about establishing yourself or someone else as legal guardian or conservator for that person.

Each of us will get older and undergo changes. We may feel we are “older and wiser” in some ways, but most of us will need help at some point. This may come in the form of a trusted person being appointed legal guardian or conservator for us.

Alternately you may be concerned about a vulnerable child or person under your care, and wanting to ensure their well-being should something happen to you.

A conservator ensures appropriate financial decisions are made on behalf of the person needing such help. A guardian’s duties relate to health care decisions and other general matters.

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    Unfortunately, aging of a person can bring discord among family members. This can be disagreement over who will have certain authority over what happens to the elder and their property. When a parent or relative dies, a will may direct to whom property should go, or it may not be so clear.

    Speak to a lawyer in a confidential, no-cost, no-obligation consultation about appointment of a legal guardian, estate planning, incapacity planning, or any related matter. We are proud of our loyal client base, reflecting satisfaction with our services. Since 1929 our firm has stood for helping people in need, whether they have suffered an injury or been treated unfairly and suffered serious loss.

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