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Union County Auto
Dealer Fraud Lawyers

Union County Auto
Dealer Fraud Lawyers

At the Forman & Cardonsky, we fight for our fellow New Jersey residents victimized by fraud at an auto dealership. The attorneys at our firm have earned a reputation for success in evening the odds our clients face when business ethics and product quality come second for a dealer or salesperson.

Since 1929, the Forman & Cardonsky has staffed lawyers who fight to win every case that they take on. While you may feel your options are limited, we attend to every detail of your case and pursue justice in holding businesses accountable for fraud.

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State statutes govern the business practices of an auto dealership. Yet, violations still occur. When you purchase a car and sign a contract, you are establishing a bond of trust with the salesperson who sold you the vehicle. Significant amounts of money have changed hands and you are entitled to simply get what you paid for.

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  • Holding Auto Dealers Accountable for Fraudulent Business Practices

    When a salesperson is selling a car, the true condition of the vehicle is often misrepresented. Clients have come to us after buying a car sold “as is.” They assume that there is little they can do in pursuing legal action. We let them know that a dealership is not absolved of responsibility in being honest and ethical in describing the car’s true condition.

    Even if you signed an “as is” agreement, you have legal rights and options.

    Financing agreements may hide the true costs of a loan by charging high interest rates. Dealers often push extended warranties, falsely claiming that the protection is required for financing. In the end, the warranty is less than adequate in what it covers, if anything at all.

    Pursuing compensation without an attorney puts you at a significant disadvantage. On your behalf, we pursue damages for a dealership’s fraudulent practices. We will fight to hold the auto dealership accountable and pursue the best resolution through negotiation or litigation.

Our offices are located in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and are easily accessible by car and public transportation. Free parking is available.
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