Construction Accidents

New Jersey Attorney for Crane Accident, Scaffolding Injuries and Other Construction Claims

Did you suffer an injury while working on a construction site? You owe it to yourself to hire an experienced workplace accident attorney. Having skilled legal representation on your side will help you recover more compensation than you would if you faced insurance companies on your own.

Forman & Cardonsky has represented injured employees for more than 30 years. Our background in both workers' compensation and personal injury law helps us use the legal system to our clients' advantage and maximize the compensation they receive. We put our experience, knowledge and skill to work in construction accident cases involving:

  • Crane and forklift accidents
  • Falls from height
  • Heavy machinery accidents
  • Fire and explosions
  • Ladder and scaffolding accidents
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Tripping on debris
  • Chemical burns

Our Newark construction accident lawyers care about recovering the financial benefits and compensation you need to start rebuilding your life. Call 908-353-6500 or send us an e-mail for a free consultation.

File a Construction Accident Report Immediately

If you fell or had another accident at work, it is important to file an incident report even if you did not suffer any noticeable injuries. Sometimes soft tissue injuries can manifest days after the construction accident. Waiting too long to file a report may cost you the opportunity to recover compensation.

Maximizing Compensation for Construction Accident Injuries

Construction work sites are inherently dangerous, but even so, workers are still entitled to workers' compensation benefits if they were injured while on the job. They may also be entitled to third-party injury compensation for pain and suffering if they can prove negligence on behalf of someone other than their employer.

At Forman & Cardonsky, we understand the complex hierarchy and structure of construction projects. We also have working knowledge of the safety regulations necessary on construction sites. We combine this knowledge with a thorough investigation into your accident in order to discover what really contributed to your accident and who is at fault for your injuries. Once we have the facts, we can determine whether filing a workers' compensation, or a workers' comp and a third-party claim is appropriate in your case.

Our thorough case preparation has led to many successful settlements and verdicts. We look forward to the opportunity to achieve the same success for you.

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