Police Brutality Attorneys

Most police officers are dedicated public servants who risk their lives every day to maintain peace and order in our cities. But on occasion, some officers can react with excessive force or even outright brutality.

Victims of police brutality have rights. They also have the ability to claim compensation for their injuries.

At Forman & Cardonsky, we help victims of police brutality obtain compensation for the wrongs done to them. And by taking action, we hold overly aggressive police officers responsible for their actions and obtain justice for our clients.

Call us at 908-353-6500 for a free consultation. If you have suffered injuries from illegal police behavior, we will work to obtain compensation and justice for you and protect your constitutional rights.

Experienced Advocates for Victims of Police Brutality

Forman & Cardonsky has successfully represented numerous victims of police misconduct. We are experienced, knowledgeable and determined to win these types of cases.

In representing you, our lawyers will work to build a strong and successful case that identifies the wrongdoers and maximizes the compensation you receive.

Building the Case for Compensation and Justice

Our experience has taught us that evidence of police misconduct such as police car (dash cam) or station house videotapes can disappear soon after the event. Forman & Cardonsky will energetically investigate your case. This will include aggressive use of depositions of officers and requests for any evidence that has remained. We will seek justice and compensation - through a settlement if possible, or else through a court trial.

While the victim's behavior during the arrest can affect a jury's attitudes, the fact that the victim may have committed a crime that led to the arrest does not matter. You have rights, and our lawyers will help you assert those rights.

Our goals in your case will be to hold the offending officers responsible for their actions, and obtain justice and compensation for you.

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