Fraudulent Business Practices in Elizabeth

The Forman & Cardonsky was established in 1929 and has enjoyed a long tradition of standing up for New Jersey residents in need. We even the odds our clients face when they have been victimized by fraudulent business practices in Elizabeth and throughout New Jersey.

The Forman & Cardonsky is staffed with seasoned trial lawyers who will fight to win every case we handle. At a time when you feel betrayed, cheated and disrespected, we treat you with the respect you deserve. We build your fraud case with attention to detail and do everything we can to secure justice.

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When purchasing a service or product, you are putting your hard-earned money in the hands of a company you should trust. However, when they fall short in their standards of customer service and overall business ethics, you need immediate representation.

Holding Businesses Accountable for Fraud

A salesperson at a local dealership commits auto fraud when they exaggerate the quality of a car while concealing the defects. Credit card processors may make promises that simply cannot be kept. Medicare supplement plans may not have the benefits that were advertised. Debt settlement companies who vow to lower the amount of money you owe fall short and end up increasing your debts.

Going up against a high-profile, well-funded business on your own ignores the legal complexities you face. We navigate through the legal system and pursue the best outcome, either through settlement or trial litigation.

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